Orthopaedic Vet Services

Providing orthopaedic and soft tissue expertise to veterinary clinics in Yorkshire and Derbyshire, our orthopaedic vet services are dedicated to delivering exceptional care to your pet within your local practice.

At Ridgewood Orthopaedic Services, we support you and your vets, ensuring a smooth experience during stressful times. We cater to various clinics as a professional, friendly, efficient, and independent mobile veterinary surgical service

About Us.

Ridgewood Orthopaedic Services is a professional, friendly, efficient and independent mobile veterinary surgical service providing for a range of clinics. 

Nick has been a vet for 24 years and has spent the last 10 years as a surgeon in referral hospitals. He gained the RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Surgery in 2007 and became an Advanced Practitioner in 2015. He has performed thousands of surgical procedures including a wide range of complex cases.

We can treat most orthopaedic and many soft tissue conditions in a primary care setting. Our experience in first opinion practices and referral centres provides a unique understanding of the challenges facing clinics and clients. This is even more important given the difficult economic issues we currently face.

What We Do


As orthopaedic vets, we handle musculoskeletal system conditions (bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments). We treat most conditions, including cruciate ligament disease, patella luxation, and fractures. Our service has the necessary surgical instruments, power tools, and implants.

We maintain sterility using disposable surgical packs, gowns, gloves, and patient preparation products. This helps reduce the risk of postoperative complications such as infection.

Soft Tissue

These procedures involve various parts of the body not involved in locomotion. the common procedures are listed below.

What People Say About Us

Highly recommend Nick ! He came to Sheffield to perform surgery on my Dalmatian at our vets. My Dalmatian had damaged her wrist ligaments in both front legs after a bad fall and needed surgery, as she couldn’t walk at all. Nick performed an absolute miracle on Lucky and I can’t thank him enough ! Lucky is healing really well. Its going to be a long road to recovery, but she’ll get there. 5 star rating isn’t a high enough rating for what Nick has done for my Lucky. Thank you

I highly recommend Ridgewood Orthopaedic Services. Nick has performed TPLO surgery on two of my dogs, both with faultless results. It was done at my own vets, which was great! Nick's work is impeccable and he would most definitely be my first port of call for anything requiring orthopaedics. I can't thank him enough. A fantastic 5* service

Ridgewood Orthopaedic Services have provided an excellent service in saving my cat Gabriel’s leg following an attack by a fox. His elbow was expertly pinned and after 6 weeks cage rest he had the pin successfully removed. A very approachable surgeon with good advice on after surgery care. I certainly would recommend this service for the treatment of your pet. Many thanks from Edith.